Your Complete Graphics Producer, Here's Why...

Laserchrome® is a unique high definition patented process for image production. The process can be used to produce Laserchrome® prints, Laserchrome® inkjet images, Laserchrome® backlit transparancies, and Laserchrome® plastic banners and murals. The Laserchrome® process is independent of equipment and machines.

  • Exclusive Laserchrome® process ensures the best graphics available today with brilliant
          accurate, dynamic color for graphics that "Just Look Better"!
  • Laserchrome®/ Lambda is availble as Endura, Metallic, Flex, and Transparency.
  • Inkjet is avaialble as RC paper, Plastic/Flex, Cloth, and Full Color Vinyl.
  • Inket is a high resolution, multiple size dot, archival ink process.
  • Giclée is availble as Watercolor Paper, Photo Rag, Photo Matte and Archival Canvas.
  • We accept your completed designs for direct production output.
  • We accept most popular file formats and most standard Mac and PC media.
  • We maintain a T-1 FTP site for your convenience in downloading electronic files to your account.
  • Our technical staff is dedicated to the success of your projects.
  • We offer high resolution scanning and electronic file enhancement.
  • Our in-house design department can layout and produce your project from start to finish.
  • We provide per-request electronic archiving of your project.
  • We send all quotes and color proofs to you online for quick, easy turnaround.
  • We ship exclusively by FedEx for the fastest and most reliable delivery to you.
  • We electronically processes most major credit cards for your convenience.