Laserchrome Technologies, llc. offers complete production and pre-production design services. Laserchrome Technologies. llc. offers to you our over 35 years of production experience to insure your complete satisfaction and success. Please give us a call and we can discuss your special projects or needs.

Pre-Production Services

  • Retouching, Color Correction and Enhancement of Electronic Images
  • Flatbed Scanning of Reflective Art (Up to 11" x 17")
  • High Resolution Drum Scanning (Up to 8" x 10" @ 11,000 dpi)
  • Product Photography (Direct Digital)
  • High Resolution Layout of
           Customer Supplied Graphic and Photo Elements
  • Complete Concept, Design and Layout

Post-Production Services

  • Archival Storage of Graphic Files
  • Banner Stand and Popup Exhibit Hardware
           Complete With Graphics... Ready to Go!
  • Molded Graphics and Exhibit Cases
  • Aluminum and Wood Framing
  • Fufillment of Quantity Orders